Our Services

A Specialty Inspections inspection is an objective examination of your building and property to assure you that its condition meets with your approval. Knowing the condition of a building will allow you to budget more accurately and provide for expenditures down the road -- whether it's a new roof, HVAC or simply maintenance related items.

Not knowing this information, or worse yet guessing, can have serious consequences.

We provide Structural & Mechanical Inspection per Texas Real Estate Commission guidelines and our reports include detail of the Foundation, Roofing (Structural) and the HVAC system, Electrical, Plumbing and Water Heater (Mechanical) components of the home with a photographic log of the issues that we found.

Our inspector has also been a Code Certified Residential Inspector (IRC Code, Certified ICC Residential Code Inspector 511 6881-B1) for New home construction. We currently offer both inspections at the construction stage of the house being "dried in" (right before insulation and sheetrock is installed) and of course inspections once the home has been completed before your final walk through with the builder.

Our building inspections are tailored to meet our clients' needs and include items such as:

  • Foundation -- construction, walls, floors
  • Roof -- covering, flashing, chimneys, drainage
  • Attic -- ventilation, insulation, decking, obstructions to pathways
  • Interior Spaces -- Walls, Floors, Rooms, Offices, Kitchens, Washrooms
  • Exterior -- Site, Walls, Windows & Doors
  • Electrical & Plumbing Systems
  • Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning