Commercial Property Inspections

Whether it is a small 2000 Sq. Ft. Building or a Huge Multi-Story Building it is crucial to have a detailed Commercial Inspection.

A Commercial Purchase may be an industrial building with mechanical lifts and extensive electronics, a restaurant with kitchens and refrigeration, an office building with complicated HVAC Systems and elevators and flat roofs, a commercial retail center with a variety of businesses each having their own special needs in the inspection process or a multi-family apartment complex.

SPECIALTY SERVICES brings a team of specialist to evaluate the larger commercial purchases. For the larger commercial inspection after the inspector speaks with you and you outline for him what your needs are, we typically submit a written proposal and scope of work so that all points and prices are covered.

The report in most cases would be narrative in nature accompanied with pictured confirmations of our findings during the inspection. It often is presented as a bound book indexed by categories for your convenience.

Feel free to call our office and ask for our Senior Inspector who can answer many questions you may have about a commercial inspection.

When considering a commercial purchase, don't forget the importance of a Phase I Site Assessment. SPECIALTY SERVICES has certified environmental inspectors on staff to meet these needs also.

Click on "Phase I Site Assessment" for more information on this type of inspection.